Emergency Dental Care

A little girl with pigtails is pointing at her missing front tooth.

If your child’s teeth are damaged by a sports accident or other injury, or if they’ve suddenly started experiencing pain or sensitivity, Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry offers excellent emergency dental care in Sacramento and Davis, CA. When it comes to tooth damage and dental trauma, time is of the essence.

We offer many types of emergency dental care for kids.

Possible Signs Of A Children’s Dental Emergency

Even if you’re unsure of the severity of your little one’s dental problem, it’s best to come in for an emergency examination. We can quickly and comfortably troubleshoot and treat the problem, so healing can take place.

Give us a call if your kids have lost, cracked, or loose permanent teeth or if you notice any of these worrying symptoms.

  • Pain In Your Child’s Tooth, Gums, Ear, Or Jaw
  • Gum Swelling Or Soreness
  • Severe Sensitivity To Temperature Or Pressure
  • A Loose Adult Tooth
  • Bloody Gums
  • A Strange Sore, Growth, Or Infection
  • A Metallic Taste In Your Child’s Mouth

Treating A Knocked-Out Tooth

If your child’s adult tooth was knocked out, you’ll want to hold onto the tooth and visit us as soon as possible to increase the chances of it being saved. Baby teeth don’t usually need to be re-implanted, but it’s still best to bring it to the appointment anyway.

Never put a baby tooth back in its socket. This presents a choking hazard and can damage the adult tooth underneath.

Please note that if your child’s jaw or other parts of their face are injured in addition to the tooth, you should take them to the emergency room first before coming to our office.

Dental Assistant Performing An Exam On A Young Patient


Emergency Dentist For Chipped & Cracked Teeth

If your child’s tooth wasn’t entirely knocked out but chipped or loose due to trauma, it’s still important to seek emergency dental care right away. We can check for nerve damage and prevent dangerous infections and complications.

Chipped and cracked teeth can be extremely painful, and your child could choke the loose tooth once it falls out.

Toothaches & Sensitivity

If your child is complaining that their teeth hurt or are very sensitive to pressure or temperature, you should take them to a pediatric dentist as soon as possible. These symptoms can indicate cavities, cracked teeth, and other serious issues that will only get worse over time.

Severe tooth decay can sometimes lead to abscesses and potentially dangerous infections if left untreated, so it’s critical not to neglect any of these symptoms.

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry In Sacramento & Davis

Our friendly pediatric dentistry office is dedicated to serving families with kids of all ages and children with special needs. She has extensive experience repairing children’s teeth and bringing relief to sore mouths.

If your child has a toothache, lost a filling, or broke a tooth, call Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry today to get emergency dental care as soon as possible.

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