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Keep your kids smiling from toddlers to teens with dental cleanings and fluoride treatments at Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry in Sacramento and Davis, CA. Our pediatric dental office specializes in getting teeth clean and keeping them strong and healthy as they develop. Don’t give tooth decay and cavities a chance to take root.

We’re here to make dental hygiene a fun and fearless experience for your little ones.

Regular Dental Cleanings Are Important

If the thought of toothaches and cavities makes you squirm, why not prevent both with regular dental cleanings. Bringing your kids in at least twice a year helps your pediatric dentist prevent problems, catch them early, and treat them when they are still small and manageable.

  • Prevent Cavities
  • Catch & Treat Decay Early
  • Catch & Treat Development Issues Early
  • Promote Healthier Diets & Speech Development
  • Teach Proper Oral Hygiene

What Will The Appointment Be Like?

After an initial exam and discussion with the dentist, your pediatric hygienist will gently remove plaque and debris buildup using a combination of ultrasonic scalers, manual tools, and water and suction devices. We also use special toothpaste and polishers to get rid of stains and give each tooth a smooth feel.

Clean teeth give us an even better look at any potential or developing issues. So, we will take a look and discuss needed changes and treatments. Then, to keep teeth strong and prevent cavities, we may apply a fluoride treatment.

  • We will examine your child’s teeth.
  • We will ask about diet and lifestyle to help you spot the causes of any problems.
  • We will show you ways to correct and supplement your child’s oral hygiene routines.
  • We will thoroughly clean each tooth, including spots that are easy to miss.
  • Teeth are polished, examined again, and fluoride is applied.
  • We will show your child how to brush and floss if changes are needed.

A Small Child Learning How To Brush Teach With A Model Of A Mouth And A Big Toothbrush.


Kid’s Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments help to keep developing tooth enamel strong. This naturally occurring mineral makes the outer surfaces of teeth more resistant to decay and cavities. Your child can get fluoride from water, food, toothpaste, and oral rinses, but a dentist’s treatment is more targeted and effective at providing this protection.

  • A fluoride gel or foam may be placed in mouth-shaped “duck” trays used to “soak” teeth for a few minutes.
  • Or, a gel will be applied to each tooth by the dentist.
  • Your child should not eat or drink for 30 minutes.

Make Seeing The Dentist A Breeze

Your kids can’t get all the benefits of regular dental cleanings if they are too scared to come. Make sure to take the time to talk to worried children about what to expect. Bringing them to your appointments to see and hear dental tools in action, checking out books on visiting the dentist, and finding fun songs and shows can all help.

Choosing a pediatric dentist to care for your child’s teeth also makes a difference. Everything from our waiting room to examination tools is designed with little ones in mind. Our staff is also aware of little worries and the special needs different types of children may have.

Schedule Your Kid’s Dental Cleaning In Sacramento & Davis

With dental cleanings and fluoride treatments at Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry in Davis and Sacramento, CA, we can help your child’s teeth look and feel their best. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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