Pediatric Dentistry Reviews

“I have two younger brothers aged 5 and 7. The 5-year old is pretty well-behaved up until the point we have to see the dentist or doctor. The 7-year old on the other hand, has A.D.H.D, so he has hard time listening to or focusing on anyone else over his nonstop jabbering. With that being said, my brothers had been seeing Dr. Ho over at her previous clinic in Elk Grove, so when we heard she moved to one in Sacramento, we HAD to go check it out! Being the GREAT sister that I am, I took the boys to their dental appointment at Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry.

The location is convenient as it is right off the freeway and in a cozy little complex. Walking into the clinic, you are immediately greeted by the receptionist and invited in by the bright colors and... video games?! Can I get MY teeth cleaned here?? For once, I didn't have to drag the boys in by their feet or bribe them with tons of candy (shhh.. don't tell the dentist!).

We were seen quickly which was nice.. I didn't have to spend more time with the kids than I had to (; When time came to see my 7-year old brother, I was a little worried he would misbehave and tune off into his own little world. I was quickly proven wrong though. It seemed as if Dr. Ho knew exactly how to handle my rowdy brother and she was able to get him to focus and participate in everything she asked. I was impressed at how patient she was and the genuine sincerity she took in interacting with him. Dr. Ho, would you like to come home and have him do his homework and practice piano, too?

While the 5-year old got away with healthy and happy teeth, Dr. Ho could tell that the 7-year old hadn't been brushing his teeth as well as he could be. She explained what cavities were in a way he and I both were a little more eager to do a thorough job brushing our teeth! As soon as he got home, he ran upstairs to brush his teeth because he didn't want "the sugar bugs to eat away his white teeth". Shoot.. I ran upstairs to brush mine, too!

Safe to say, the kids are now permanent patients of Dr. Ho. ”

— Ally H.

“I took my 5 and 7 year old sons to see Dr. Ho this past weekend. She has clean and beautiful office filled with toys and video games to keep the boys busy in the waiting area.

Dr. Ho has a warm and friendly demeanor that immediately puts the boys at ease. She is very knowledgeable and offered clear explanations and options for treatment for my oldest son. Her staff is very responsive and helpful, particularly in sorting out insurance and coverage questions.

I would highly recommend Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry for anyone looking for a dentist for their child. ”

— Ann R.

“Woohoo!! As good as it gets is absolutely right. :) If you want your little ones to have an amazing experience and love going to the dentist, this is your place. This truly is a "real" pediatric dentist. They make you feel welcomed, and they are not aggressive as some of the other "chain, want to be pediatric dental offices" around the greater Sacramento area, which are a joke and production driven. They don't even have real pediatric dentists. They staff general dentists who don't treat kids well because they don't have the training.

My 5 year old little girl and I feel so happy that we found Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Brenda was so sweet to my little girl. The environment is so peaceful. Her staff is very welcoming. Dr. Brenda is trained for pediatric dentistry and has a soft touch. She was able to make my little princess have an exam, take a couple x-rays that I requested, and clean her teeth without an issue. She booked an hour for our first visit, and was very educational for the both of us. No cavities were found, and my little girl asked if we can go back again next week :)

Please do your research before taking your babies anywhere because there are a lot of fake pediatric dentists out there. ”

— Antonio G.

“Based on my friend's referral, my son and I had our first dentist office at Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry with Dr.Ho. The waiting area was very clean, kid-friendly (there were a couple of xboxes, fun train station, and other fun things to keep kids occupied) and comfortable. The receptionist was friendly and promptly checked us in. We didn't have to wait at all (thank goodness because I dread having to wait anywhere with a fussy baby).

I didn't know what to expect since this was my first dentist visit with my first child. Dr. Ho was great!! She was very good with my son, and I could tell she was very experienced with kids. Dr. Ho was very professional, patient (she answered all 50 of my questions that first time parents have), knowledgeable (she gave me many tips and guidance on dental care for babies) and personable. After our visit, I left feeling much more knowledgeable about how to care for my son's teeth, and assured that his dental needs are in capable hands.

I'm so thankful my friend referred me to this dentist office. As with all parents, we want only the best for our kids and admittedly, I tend to be overly critical and selective with who I choose to care for my son. I have pretty high standards, but with Dr. Ho, I don't have to worry about that. Plus, I'm always happy to support local small businesses too! I highly recommend Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry to anyone looking for a wonderful dentist for their kids! ”

— Bonnie S.

“We all know how hard it is to find a dentist that you can trust and feel comfortable with. and when you finally find that person, you want it to be a relationship that lasts for a lifetime. Dr. Ho is that dentist you don't ever want to break up with. She is really good at what she does, is very honest and is a true professional. What more could I ask for? ”

— Greg H.

“I was initially dreading to take my son to the dentist, expecting him to scream, kick and fight tooth and nail. To my surprise, we had a very positive experience. The waiting area was cool and Dr. Ho made our visit fun and painless. Compared to the last dentist we went to, the experience was day and night. We'll definitely be coming back. ”

— Jonathan S.

“I took my 7 year old to see Dr. Ho at Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry based on a referral from another parent at his school. I couldn't be more pleased. Prior to Dr. Ho, my son had been to two other dentist (Kids Care, and Make A Smile). Both prior dentist were good, but I never really felt as if they were vested in my child as I do with Dr. Ho. I guess what I mean is that the way Dr. Ho interacts with her patients reminds me more of a family environment.

My son had a number of issues including an under bite, a cross bite, and his adult and lower incisors growing in a bit crooked. One would think that in his prior 6 month check-up the other dentist would have raised a more serious alarm.

Upon seeing Dr. Ho, she explained what was going on and provided various scenarios and course of treatment. She fitted him with a retainer that would help straighten his teeth. As part of the treatment, we go back to her office weekly to have the retainer adjusted. My son has no fear or reservations about the weekly dentist visits and I think it is because of the way Dr. Ho interacts with him (very calm, friendly, yet authoritative, kind of like an aunt).

So far we've been back twice to have the retainer adjusted, and I have to say that I'm amazed at the difference just after two weeks. --The under bite is gone and so is the cross bite and his teeth are straighter. Dr. Ho says that he can probably stop using the retainer in about a week, but she'll make the determination at his next visit.

If you have children and are looking for a dentist, I highly recommend they see a pediatric dentist and if you live near Greenhaven or its surrounding area I highly recommend Dr. Ho. --She knows her stuff. ”

— Milton G.

“Competent. Trustworthy. Genuine. Personable. That's how I would describe Dr. Ho. Not only is she is a great dentist and really knows her stuff, she's very honest and friendly too. That's like icing on the cake! In talking with her, you can tell that she has a big heart and genuinely cares for her patients. In my experience, it's really hard to find that 'human touch' nowadays in the medical field. It's really refreshing to know that there are still dentists out there who really care for people, like Dr. Ho! ”

— Pasha P.

“Dr.Ho is an amazing pediatric dentist and I'm so glad to have discovered her. We went for our first appointment yesterday .....

My kids love the bright & beautiful waiting area. They played video games, watched a movie, and played with the Thomas train table (kept all 3 kids ages 6 to 11 busy). It was also quiet & not chaotic or overly stimulating like other offices.

My kids love Dr.Ho. My 6 yo is quite apprehensive when it comes to the dentist, but Dr.Ho's warm and gentle personality won my daughter over. When we got home, Anna said she couldn't wait to see the dentist again. I also have an 11 yo with autism and Dr.Ho took the time to make him comfortable; explaining & showing him everything. It was the best dental experience ever for him - they were able to get everything done for him & he left happy.

I'm so impressed with Dr.Ho's knowledge, skills and great rapport with kids that I want other parents looking for a great pediatric dentist to know of Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry. ”

— Tracey Dinh, M.D., Pediatrician & mother of 3

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